The Apple Developer account

PandaSuite helps you create your application, but you’re the one to develop and publish it. You now officially become a developer, congrats! :-)

 Be careful: to submit an application to the App Store, you need to have an Apple developer account. Take enough time: it can take up to 3 weeks if you apply as a company. It costs $99 per year but with it you can publish several applications.

        1. Go to Apple iOS Developer Program.

        2. Click on Enroll Now.

        3. Connect with your existing Apple Id or create a new one.

        4. After confirming all options, select the program you want to join:

          - the Individual program: applications will be displayed under your name
          - the Company program
          - or the Government Organization program.

           Please note: if you select the Company program, you'll need to provide your D-U-N-S Number to Apple and approval may take up to 3 weeks

        5. Provide personal information related to your Apple account. Even if you choose an individual account, you'll have to fill in the Company / Organization field: if you don’t have a company, simply provide your full name.

        6. Provide information about your business.

        7. Review the “iOS Developer Program” agreement, check the confirmation box and click Agree.

        8. If you don’t have an Apple account, you'll have to enter the code sent by email.

        9. Check all billing information.

        10. Select the program you want to join: iOS Developer Program.

        11. In the next step, review the information you've entered so far.

        12. Click on add to cart to add the “iOS Developer Program” to the basket and to be redirected to the Apple store for online payment.

Once you've paid, you'll have to wait 24 hours to get an activation email for your Apple developer account. Congratulations, you now have an Apple developer account!

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