download xcode and submit your app to Apple

After preparing your app on iTunes Connect and downloading your IPA, you can submit it to Apple. Please note that Apple can answer 3 weeks later and you have to have a Mac.

Install Application Loader

  1. Install Xcode with this link (necessary to find and open Application Loader) Download Application loader with this link  
  2. Open Xcode and open Application Loader in the main menu (upper left when your are on Xcode): Open Developer Tool --> Application Loader. You can do that with a right click on Xcode icon at the bottom of your screen 
  3. Connect with your IDs

Submit your app to local validation

  1. In Application Loader, you see the Template Chooser window

     template chooser

  2. Click on Choose, select your IPA et click on Open
  3. Click on Next on the new window
  4. Wait until Application Loader uploads your IPA file. A green check logo appears. Click on Send only if you receive an error message and if you want to test your IPA again   
  5. To finish, click on Done

Congratulations! You have just sent your app to Apple. The eighth and final step explains to you how to publish online your app on Apple.

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