Block your tablet on your app

Use a tablet in an event or in store is very useful. But we know that users often use it for others usages: games, video, selfie... everything except your support. Here is a solution to "freeze" your tablet on your app.

With Apple With Android
  1. Go to Settings and then General.
  2. Go to accessibility. 
  3. Scroll until Guided Access tab.
  4. You see 4 options:

        -Guided Access: turn on and turn off.
        -Passcode Settings: choose to use a passcode or Touch ID     to control Guided Access.
        -Time limits: choose to play a sound and speak before time ends.
        -Accessibility Shortcut: choose to display settings with triple-click on the Home button while Guided Access is enabled.

  5. Turn on Access Guided 
  6. Choose a passcode or Touch ID
  7. Open your app 
  8. Then triple-click on the Home button
  9. There are 3 parts in the lower menu:

        -Hardware Buttons Options: choose to block Sleep/Wake button, Volume Buttons, Motion and Keyboards.
        -Touch: you can block the entire screen.
        -Time Limit: define a time limit. 

  10. You can draw area you want to block on your screen.
  11. Tap on Resume, top right.
  12. To end Access Guided triple-click on the Home button, insert your Passcode (or use Touch ID) and tap on End, top left.
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