Integrate a real text editor into your application. Your users can take notes directly on your application and find them even after the application is closed. 

Insert text editor

Text editor is a custom community component. It can be downloaded and inserted into your project within a web component.

  1. Download the text editor module right here:
  2. Insert web component where you want to add text field
  3. Add the .zip file in the component.
  4. Double-click on the component to preview it.
  5. That's all! 




Delete content from text editor

Text entered by the user is then stored in the application and always present. If you want to give the user the possibility to delete this text, you have to create a button.

  1. Design or add button
  2. Select button, click on Interactivity and create new action
  3. Choose the trigger and the action Interact with a component
  4. Select Web component 
  5. Select the action Clear
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