Get the HTML5 version of your content as ZIP file and host it on your servers.

When you create an app or presentation with our tool, it is hosted by default on our servers. That's how you benefit from our cloud services: instant updates and analytics. If you already have a site, an application, an EPUB or if you want to host your project on your server, the HTML export is the solution you are looking for! However, you'll need to re-generate an export for each update.

Price for the export is €790.

Good-to-know: we are currently based on a dynamic JavaScript rendering engine. There is only one page and you cannot edit the content of your pages in the code. Switching from dynamic to static is planned in our roadmap ... to come!

Export your ZIP file

  • Go to your personal area, in your DOWNLOAD tab


  • Go to the Downloads folder on your computer. Double-click the ZIP folder to open it and select the index.html file

  • Double click to display it from a browser.


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