Custom Tracking Plan

Discover how to create a custom tracking plan for your application.

The custom tracking plan allows you to gather specific data about user interactions and screen loading in your app.
While PandaSuite automatically collects many data points, we will show you how to add custom tracking actions to obtain more targeted information. This data can be sent to tools such as Firebase, Google Analytics, and many others.

Auto Analytics

The Auto Analytics feature in PandaSuite allows you to automatically collect various data related to user interactions and screen loading in your app.

However, sometimes you may need specific data that is not included in the automatic tracking.

Custom Tracking

In PandaSuite, you can add or replace automatic tracking actions with custom tracking actions to obtain specific data. This allows you to collect personalized information about events and views in your app. For example, you can track clicks on a specific button or the time spent on a specific page.
Once you have configured your custom tracking actions, the collected data will be sent to the tool your app is connected to. This can be analytics tools such as Firebase, Google Analytics, or other third-party tools. Make sure to properly connect your app to the tool of your choice so that the data is transmitted and processed appropriately.

Add a Custom Tracking Action

Here's how to create a custom tracking action in PandaSuite:
  • Choose a trigger: identify the event or action that will trigger your custom tracking action. It can be a button click, navigation to a new page, or any other interaction you want to track.
  • Add the Trigger a Tracking Action action.
  • Choose between Event or View: an event is used to track specific actions, such as a button click. A view is used to track the display of a particular page or screen.
  • Choose a Name: Give a name to your custom tracking action. Choose a descriptive name that will make it easy for you to understand the collected data. For example, if you are tracking clicks on an "Add to Cart" button, you could name your action "Click on Add to Cart button".
  • Property: Some tools require you to configure this data in a specific way.

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