Embed 3DVista tour in PandaSuite

In this tutorial, you will learn how to embed a 3D Vista tour in your PandaSuite project. 

3DVista is a powerful software that allows you to create interactive virtual tours with 360-degree panoramic images. By embedding these tours in PandaSuite, you can provide an immersive and engaging experience for your users. 

This tutorial will guide you through the process of exporting a 3DVista tour to the web and inserting it into your PandaSuite project using the HTML component.

Prerequisites: Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  • A 3DVista tour created and exported for web use.
  • PandaSuite account and a project set up.

The project used for this example is New American Home - all rights remain at 3DVista:

Exporting the 3DVista tour for web

To embed a 3DVista tour in PandaSuite, you need to export it in a web-compatible format. Follow these steps to export your tour:

  • Open your 3DVista project in the software.
  • Navigate to the Publish options or settings.
  • Choose the Web/Mobile export option to generate the necessary files for embedding.

  • Ensure that the exported files are located at the root of your ZIP file. Do not group the files in a folder before compressing them into a .ZIP file.
  • Compress the files into a .ZIP archive.

Inserting the 3DVista Tour in PandaSuite 

Now that you have the 3D Vista tour exported, you can insert it into your PandaSuite project using the HTML component. Follow these steps:

  • Open your PandaSuite project in the editor.
  • Navigate to the screen where you want to insert the 3DVista tour.
  • Add a Web component to the screen.
  • In the properties of the Web component, set the component to Offline. This ensures that the embedded content is accessible without an internet connection.

  • As Source, choose the .ZIP file containing the exported 3DVista tour onto the Web component. PandaSuite will automatically extract the files.
  • In the properties of the Web component, enter the name of the index.html File as the entry point for the tour.
  • Customize the dimensions of the HTML component to fit the desired size for your tour.

Interacting with the 3DVista Tour

PandaSuite allows you to trigger actions within your PandaSuite project from the embedded 3DVista tour. This enables you to create seamless navigation and interactions. Follow these steps to set up interactions:

  1. Consult the PandaSuite documentation on Interact with web content to learn how to trigger actions from your virtual tour to create navigation or perform other actions within PandaSuite.
  2. Use the available functions and methods provided by PandaSuite's API to communicate between the tour and your PandaSuite project.

Congratulations! You have successfully embedded a 3D Vista tour in your PandaSuite project. By exporting your tour for web use and using the HTML component in PandaSuite, you can create an immersive and interactive experience for your users. Remember to explore the possibilities of triggering actions in PandaSuite from your virtual tour to enhance the overall user experience.

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