EXE silent installation

If you are a system administrator for an enterprise or a school, discover how to perform a silent EXE installation for a program built with PandaSuite 

A silent (or unattended) installation is the ability to install an application package (here an EXE file), without any user interaction. This means that the user will no longer need to go through the install wizard (and click Next multiple times). The application will be installed automatically by calling the installer with specific silent install parameters.

Here are the command lines to install an EXE named Engie Risk Assessment:

"%downloadpath%\Engie Risk AssessmentSetup.exe /S /allusers

"%downloadpath%\Engie Risk AssessmentSetup.exe /S /currentuser"

You must replace %downloadpath% by the place where the installation package has been downloaded by PandaSuite and unzip if it's a standalone EXE

Here are the command line to uninstall an EXE named Engie Risk Assessment:

"%localappdata%\Programs\Engie Risk Assessment\Uninstall Engie Risk Assessment.exe /S"

Make sure to tick Install for all users of the device option when exporting the EXE file.


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