Learn how to add a PDF file to your application or interactive document. There are 2 options: inserting the file (offline access) or linking to a PDF file (need an internet connection). 

PDF file will be displayed using PDF reader of the platform (iOS, web, Android, Windows). There might be minor differences related to those PDF readers.

Insert PDF file

The PDF file is displayed directly within your application and available offline. 

Compress the PDF file as a .zip. Import the ZIP file in the Media window. 

Insert a Web component in your screen. Adjust the size depending on how you want to display the size.

In the Properties window, click Select a media and select the .zip file.

In the URL field, enter the name of the PDF file that has been compressed (example.pdf).

Double click on the component to preview the PDF document.

Link to PDF

Add a button to open the PDF file externally. A new window will open to display the PDF file. An Internet connection is required to open the PDF.

For this option, the PDF file must be hosted and have a public URL. You can host it on Google Drive for example. 

Create a button. 

Select the button, click Interactivities and choose a trigger. 

Select the External action/content action and enter the URL of the PDF file. 

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