Add targeted and specific context actions for your users with markers.
Markers in PandaSuite are a powerful way to trigger actions or indicate specific positions in your projects. They can be static or dynamic, offering incredible flexibility for your interactive creations.

What is a marker?

A marker is a reference point that you place in a component to trigger actions when the user reaches this point. For example, by scrolling through a page or reaching a specific moment in a video.

If a marker is created in a video, it's possible, when the video reaches this marker, to trigger an animation or the display of textual content.

Create a marker

To create a marker, follow these steps: 

  • Select a component from the object list
  • Click on the arrow to enter edit mode
  • Position your component at the desired location using your mouse or the player
  • On the left, click on the + button.
  • The newly created marker will be displayed in the list, offering options to edit or delete it.

💡 Markers do not affect the "normal" behavior of your components. If no specific action has been assigned to markers, users can still interact with the component's classic functionalities, such as zooming on an interactive image or scrolling through text.

Set a default marker

When you have created markers, it's possible to select one that will always be activated by default when the component is loaded.

To set a default marker, choose it in the component properties or use the pin icon in the component's marker list.

Trigger an action from a marker

When a marker is created on a component, it can serve as a trigger, in addition to standard triggers.
To choose a marker as a trigger:
  • Select the component and go to the Actions panel
  • Add a new action: you will find your marker displayed at the top of the list
  • Select the marker and associate an action defining what should happen when the marker is triggered.

Add an action related to a marker

The marker can also become a possible action on your component. 
In the case of a marker on a scrolling area, a new action will be to Change position to this marker.
To add an action related to a marker:
  • Choose a trigger
  • Choose the action Interact with a component.
  • Select the component
  • You will see new options appear!

Create dynamic markers

It's also possible to create markers dynamically from a data source.
This video explains how to create dynamic markers on an interactive map:
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