Create channel

A channel is a private subspace dedicated to a theme and/or a group of users. It includes one or more projects.

In concrete terms, if you create an app for the BAM company, you can create a channel dedicated to sales representatives (#sales), a channel for internal communication (#internal), a channel for event actions (#event) etc...

Each of these channels is accessible from a separate access with a URL. You can track statistics of these URLs.

Create channel

In  Publishing, select the app of your choice.

In the  Content Management tab, click Create Channel



Add one or more projects within the channel

When creating the channel, you can choose one or more projects. You can edit these projects by clicking on the Add/Remove Project button on the channel line.


Add an icon (1024 x 1024 px)

Create the channel access link

The channel is only available through an url. Indeed,  if you download the BAM app without an access link, you download the default content.

To create the access link, go to the Services / Link Management tab:

  • Define the name of the link
  • Choose the destination channel
  • Customize redirection URLs (or not)
  • Confirm. Your link is active!


Send the access link

By clicking on the link, users will automatically be redirected to the channel content when the app opens.

The same user can unlock several channels on the same app. The switch from one channel to the other is done from a side menu (for iOS & Android) and a window (for the computer).

Monitor statistics

Each link has its own statistics, visible on the left.


If you want to access the statistics on the consultation of the app, you must connect an external analytics tool

Delete channel

Delete channel from the Content Management tab.


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