Segment your content within a content hub using channels. Organize and distribute projects based on users' needs and interests.

What is a channel?

A channel is a subspace within a content hub. A channel groups one or more specific projects intended for a particular group of users or related to a specific topic or market.

The idea behind channels is to allow segmentation of content within the hub, in order to better organize and distribute publications based on users' needs and interests. For example, in the case of a company, channels can be created to group presentations and tools specific to a geographical market (EMEA, North America, Asia-Pacific, etc.) or a customer typology (B2B, B2C, etc.).

By creating channels, it becomes possible to limit access to certain publications based on the permissions assigned to users. This ensures that only appropriate users can access specific content, depending on their roles or needs.

Create a channel

To create a channel, go to your dashboard > Apps.

In the Content management tab, click on the Create a Channel button.

Choose the name and icon for your channel (format 1024x1024 px). This icon will be the loading icon for your channel on the web and native version (iOS, Android, Windows).

Add one or more projects. There is no limit to the number of projects that can be added.

Access a channel

To access the channel, the user must possess the access link. This link unlocks the content of the channel within the application.

To find this access link, go to the corresponding tab (Web, Mobile, or Desktop). Once the channel has been created, a link is automatically generated to this channel.

Accessing the channel differs slightly depending on the platform:

  • For the web app, the user clicks on the link and directly accesses the channel.
  • For the mobile (iOS/Android) or desktop (Windows/MacOS) application, the user must first install the content hub,

    then click on the link to open the channel within the content hub.

Navigate between channels

Discover the ways to navigate within the content hub, between the default portal and channels, depending on each platform.

On the web / PWA

The portal and channels are independent. To access either one, the user must use the appropriate link.

On iOS / Android

The behavior on iOS/Android is similar to that of the PandaSuite Viewer.

Within the content hub, open the side menu to access the channel and hub portal.

On Windows/MacOS

To navigate between channels or return to the portal, use the system menu.

A Home icon appears in the project when it is a channel with multiple projects inside. By clicking on this icon, the user returns to the channel and allows navigation from project to project. To remove it, there should be only one project per channel.

Delete a channel

Deleting a channel is done from the Content management tab.

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