Create channel

Create one or more channels to segment content and access within your application. 

A channel is a sub-space in which you can broadcast one or more projects of your application. You can dedicate it to a theme or to a group of users. It is a kind of folder. 
To access a channel, users receive a link: on the app version, this link allows to unlock the channel; on the web version, it allows to open it directly.
In concrete terms, if you create an app for the BAM company, you can create a channel dedicated to sales people (#sales), a channel for internal communication (#internal), a channel for events (#event) etc... 

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Create a channel

Go to your dashboard in the Apps section.

On the tab Content Management tab, click on the Create Channel.    

Choose the name and icon of your channel (format 1024x1024 px). This icon is the loading icon for your channel on the web and on the native version (iOS, Android, Windows)

Add one or more projects.  

Manage your content 

Your application cannot be empty: it must have default content when it is first installed. 

Send link to channel

To access the channel, the user must use a download link. This link unlocks access to the channel in the app. For the native version (iOS, Android or Windows), the app must already be installed before opening the channel. 

Go to the tab of each OS to retrieve the automatically generated URL. 

If the user has not already downloaded the application, the user must first download it and then reuse the same link to unlock access to the channel.

Delete a channel 

Deleting the channel is done from the tab Content management.

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