Create a hub

The hub is a type of application that brings together several publications. When opening the hub, the user discovers the list of these publications. He/she can also get access to channels intended for a specific group of users.

The hub is ideal for grouping together all the publications of a company or the former issues of a magazine. 

What is a hub?

There are two types of applications: the simple application and the hub.
  •  When opening a simple application, the user enters directly into the content of the application, the application and its content are one.
  • In a hub, the user gets a list of publications.
Let's take the example of ACME, a company that wants to develop a sales support tool for its sales representatives. By creating a hub, it provides its teams with a platform that is available on all devices, with its own branding, and in which all sales representatives can find their resources. By creating channels, it can group together tools specific to a market or a type of sales person (EMEA, B2B, etc.) and limit access. 
Thanks to the channels, the hub is also a platform to distribute your private projects outside the app stores. 

💡 Even though there are several types of applications, technically all PandaSuite applications are hubs. So you can convert a simple application into a hub and vice versa at any time.

Organize a hub 

All publications added to the hub root are accessible to all hub users. 

💡 Inside a hub, each publication is a PandaSuite project.

If you want to segment your content for a specific type of user, you can create channels, i.e. subspaces that group together one or more publications. 

To give access to a channel, you just have to send the access link to your users. If you want to reinforce security, you can add authentication within your publications. 
In terms of customization, you can choose the icon of the hub, its header, the colors and the logo of each channel and publications. 
In terms of content, you can integrate an unlimited number of publications. To know the price beyond 12 publications, please contact our team. 

Create a hub 

To create a hub, go to your dashboard and choose a Multi or Full plan. 
To choose the icon of your hub, go to the Settings tab > Appearance of your application.
This is also where you customize your header by uploading a logo or entering a title. 
You can choose two colors: 
  • The primary color is the header and the background of the loading screen.
  • The secondary color is a contrast color, used for the loader. 
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