The Multi plan

Discover all the features of the Multi plan to deploy a multi-devices, multi-project application.

Why choose the Multi plan

  • Deliver your application in web AND native format: 
    • In web format: your application is easily accessible via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari...) and from all devices (mobile, tablet, computer...).
    • In native format: your application is installed on your user's device, it accesses the native functionalities of the devices and is available offline. It can be published on app stores. 
  • You can export your native application for 2 types of devices from the following list:
    • iPhone / Android mobiles
    • iPad /  Android tablets
    • PC / Surface / iMac / Macbook
  • Integrate up to 5 projects within the same application. Manage the organization of your content and the accesses thanks to the Channels.

Features of the Multi plan


  • Up to 5 projects: integrate up to 5 projects within your application.
  • Channels: create one or more subspaces for a theme and/or a group of users. It groups together one or more projects. Manage access links.

For the web app:

  • Hosting of your application: benefit from our powerful, secure and scalable hosting service, without worrying about maintenance.
  • PWA / Services workers: enable the use of services workers and create a PWA with the following advantages: offline experience, better performance, installation on the device.
  • Custom domain: connect your domain name and customize the URL of your web app. There is no mention of PandaSuite.
  • SSL certificate: your web app is secured with the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. 
  • Web export (only with Serenity & Solo Mode): export your web app as a ZIP folder. You can host it on your servers or consult it without any installation. This feature allows you to broadcast your web app even after the end of your PandaSuite subscription (without any possible update).

For the native app:

  • Custom icon: choose your icon and the name of your application. There is no mention of PandaSuite.
  • Export binary files: get your application in the right format according to your needs. Export an IPA file for iOS, an APK file for Android, an EXE file for Windows and a DMG for MacOS.
  • EasySign procedure: discover our simplified steps to sign your application using your iOS and Android developer account information.
  • Help in the App Store submission: even if you are the developer of your application and publish the application on your behalf, our team provides you with advice and answers when you interact with the platforms.
  • Standalone application (only with Serenity / Solo mode): your application is independent from the PandaSuite platform. This feature allows you to broadcast your app even after the end of your PandaSuite subscription (without any possible update).
  • File installation link: send a unique link that allows you to automatically download the right file depending on the device used. 


  • Instant and unlimited updates: update the content of your web app whenever you want. Thanks to hosting by PandaSuite, your updates are instantaneous.
  • Integration of analytics tools: connect a statistics tool (Google Analytics, Firebase, Mixpanel) and report data from your application directly from your favorite dashboard.
  • Technical support: a question? a bug? Our technical team is here to answer all your questions about your web app. 

Price of the Multi plan

The Multi plan is €169/month or €1690/year. This is a price per application.

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🐼 Pro account or publishing plan? 

The Multi plan is one of the publishing plans. It allows you to export your project as a white-labelled application. If you want more creation functionalities (number of projects, components etc...), you need a Pro account.

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