Progressive Web App (PWA)

You can publish as a Progressive Web App. This new technology makes your application available offline for your users and accessible directly from a shortcut on the home screen of their mobile device.

Benefits of the PWA

Like a standard web app, the Progressive Web App is viewable via a web browser (Chrome, Safari...) and no download is required. 
From a mobile device, users can create a shortcut from their home screen for faster access. 
It is also available offline thanks to workers services that provide content caching. 
This is a good alternative to native formats if you want to create an application for mobile devices.

Browser compatibility

One of the main constraints of the PWA is browser compatibility due to the use of workers services. Before you start, make sure that your audience is well equipped:
Browser Compatible version
Chrome Desktop 40
Edge Desktop 17
Chrome Desktop 44
Internet Explorer Desktop Not supported
Opera Desktop 24
Safari Desktop 11.1
Android Webview Not supported
Chrome Android 40
Edge Mobile 17
Firefox Android Mobile 44.0 (44)
IE Mobile Not supported
Opera Android OK
Safari iOS 11.1  

Add a shortcut to your home screen

By default, your PWA is viewable from a web browser and a dedicated URL. Here is the procedure for a user to create a shortcut to your PWA from the home screen of his phone:
The user must already click on the URL and open your PWA from their phone.

progressive-web-app-navigateur.pngGo to Chrome menu and choose Add to home screen

progressive-web-app-options.pngChoose a name.

progressive-web-app-accueil.pngThe icon appears on the home screen. The PWA is available offline.


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