Create your Progressive Web App (PWA)

Create a Progressive Web App to access to your app from a browser and view it offline.

Web App versus PWA

You can now create new kind of web apps with PandaSuite: Progressive Web Apps.

The PWA is available from a browser like any web app and there is no download. It can look like a native app because you can add its icon to your home screen and access it offline. This is a great alternative if you want to create web content under an app format!

Read this article from our blog to discover all its advantages.

Browser compatibility

One of PWA's main constraints is browser compatibility. Before you start, make sure your audience is equipped with compatible browser versions:

Browser Compatible version
Chrome Desktop 40
Edge Desktop 17
Chrome Desktop 44
Internet Explorer Desktop Not supported
Opera Desktop 24
Safari Desktop 11.1
Android Webview Not supported
Chrome Android 40
Edge Mobile 17
Firefox Android Mobile 44.0 (44)
IE Mobile Not supported
Opera Android OK
Safari iOS 11.1

Generate your Progressive Web App 

We are currently preparing new version of your personal interface so that you can to generate your Progressive Web App without any help. 

Please contact us through our instant messaging tool to get your link (URL).

What we need to create your PWA:

  • Name
  • Icon
  • Loading screen

Price is €790/year (or €79/month) including hosting, instant updates and analytics.

 Please note: if you want a custom domain, please follow this procedure and send us the desired domain name.

Make your PWA accessible offline 

The PWA is accessible with a specific URL. If you want to make it accessible from an icon (like an app), an action is required from your user. There is an option in the browser's settings.

Example with Chrome Android:

  • Click on the URL to open your PWA progressive-web-app-navigateur.png
  • Go to Chrome menu and choose Add to home screen

  • Choose a

  • Your icon is now on your home screen. The PWA is available

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