Publish to the web

Publish your project on the web. You have the choice between getting the URL of your project hosted on PandaSuite servers or exporting your sources (for hosting on your servers). By keeping your project hosted on PandaSuite servers, you make it easier to update your project.

Get your URL

This operation takes a few minutes.

  1. Create your project.

  2. In the Publishing Platform, create new application, add your project in the Content section.

  3. In the Content Management tab, click on Pending Prod / Move to prod in order to include latest version in your app. 


  4. In the Web section, click Publish now.


  5. Select Web plan (monthly or annually) et cliquer sur Passer à la formule Web.

  6. The link appears in the interface. You can send this URL or copy and paste it. 


If you want to customize the URL with an existing domain name, click on Customize Domain and follow the tutorial Customize Domain Name.


Export sources

You can export your project as a ZIP folder and integrate it into a site, application or ePUB. Integration requires an iframe. If you want to update your content, you need to re-export the project and reintegrate it. 

To export the sources, follow steps 1 to 3 in the previous section.

  1. In the Web section, click Export web sources.


  2. Choose the Web plan (annual only) and click Switch to Web plan..

  3. Then choose the project to be exported and click on Validate. Your export is available in a few minutes in your interface. 


To open the project, simply unzip the folder and double-click on the index.html file.

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