Publishing to the web

Publish your project to the web as a web app or a Progressive Web App (PWA). With the Progressive Web App, the app is also available offline, you can add a shortcut to the home screen, and it offers better loading times. Keep PandaSuite hosting or export to your servers.

Publish a web app

To publish your web app/PWA, go to your dashboard > Apps and create a new application. Choose the Web plan or another one (Single, Multi, Full) to get access to these features. 
In the Content Management tab, add a project and click on Pending / Move to production to move your project into production.
In the Web tab, click on Publish now to get the URL of the web app hosted on PandaSuite servers.
It looks like: 
You can copy-paste this URL, send it by email or SMS or see the QR code.

💡 If you want to connect to an existing domain name, you can set a custom domain.

Transform into a PWA

The Progressive Web App (PWA) is a new type of application that allows offline viewing for your users and direct access from a shortcut on the home screen of their mobile device. 
Some limitations exist, please refer to this article: What is a Progressive Web App?
To turn your web app into a PWA, you need to enable service workers. 
Click on Settings to access the web app settings.
In the Web section, activate the corresponding button.

Web export

By default, your web app is hosted on PandaSuite servers. 

You can host your app on your servers, integrate it into an application, a LMS ... by exporting it as a ZIP folder.  

In the Web tab, click on Download ZIP.


Choose the project and click on Validate. Your export will available in a few minutes in your interface.

To open the project, simply unzip the folder and double-click on the index.html file.

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