Export as ZIP

Export your project as a ZIP folder. You can host it on your own servers or open it locally. 

By default, your project is hosted on our servers. You can benefit from PandaSuite services: Instant updates, Custom domain and Analytics.

You can export your web app and retrieve the sources of your project. You will no longer have access to these services.

Export the ZIP file

To export the ZIP file of your project: 
  • Go to your dashboard, in the Apps section. 
  • Create a new app (if not already done)
  • Add your project in the Content management section and move to prod the latest version
  • Go to the Web tab. 
  • Click on the Export ZIP file button. 

The file is automatically downloaded to the Downloads folder on your computer. Double-click on the ZIP folder to open it and select the index.html file. Double-click it to view it from a browser. 

Update your export

If you want to update the content, you have to re-export your web app.
Update your web app in the Content Management tab.
In the Web tab, click on the New export button.
Warning: to re-export your project, you must have an active subscription. 

🐼 The Web export requires an annual subscription. Add a Web plan today.

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