Update your application from your dashboard, even after it has been released. 
If you make changes only to the content of your application (e.g. text corrections), you don't need to re-export your application. Simply put a new version of the project into production: your app is instantly updated. 
However, if you want to benefit the latest PandaSuite features or fix a bug, you also need to export a new file (IPA, APK, EXE, ZIP or DMG). If your app is published on the App Store or Google Play Store, it must be submitted again to the Apple and Google review teams.

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Move new version to production

Update project

Open PandaSuite Studio, make changes and save. 

Go to your dashboard:   Apps > Your app > Content Management
In the dashboard, the status {x} updated indicates that modifications have been made to your project. 
Click the Move to Prod button and validate the update.


Add/Remove a project

Click on the Add / Remove Project button.

Remove the project you want to delete from the list. Add the new project.

In the table, click on the Move to prod button and validate the update.

User notification

After validation, your content is automatically updated wherever your application is available. 
For the app version, users who have already downloaded it are notified by an informative banner. An Internet connection is required to download this new version.

Export new binary file

If you use the latest PandaSuite features or if you fix a bug, you must export a new file from your application (IPA, APK, EXE or DMG).
Follow the steps to update your content: 
  • Go to the iOS/Android or Windows/Mac tab and export a new file. The fields are already pre-filled but remember to increment the version and build number before generating your files.
If your app is directly downloaded by users (without app store), send them the link to the new version.

If your app is published on the App Store and Play Store, you must submit and publish a new version of your app:

If your application is directly downloaded by users, send them the link to download the new file.
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