Update Your Application

Even after your app is released, you can update content  instantly: your content is automatically updated for users who have already downloaded it and they are informed with an informative banner.

If this is a mobile application published on the App Store and Google Play, the good news is that you don't have to resubmit it for these changes! Unless you add new PandaSuite features or have benefited from a bug fix on your application, in which case you will have to generate and submit a new API or APK.

Update Content

Development and Production

When you create new project, this is a development version. When you decide to publish your project, this version is duplicated and the new one is the production version. Both versions co-exist at the same time. The production version is distributed.

If you want to edit your project, you must manually replace the production version by the new development version: this is the update.

How to update

During deployment, you can modify your content at any time and instantly, without any validation from the App Store and Google Play.

Make changes to your project from PandaSuite Studio and as soon as you're ready, go to your dashboard, Publishing Platform > Your app > Content Management. In the dashboard, the status {x} updates tells you that changes have been made to your project. Click the Move to Prod button and validate the update.


That's it!

 Note: Automatically, your content is updated wherever your application is available. Users who have already downloaded it are notified by an informative banner.

Submit New Version to Apple and Google

In the case of a mobile application published on the App Store and Google Play, if you add new features or bug fixes to your application, you must generate and submit a new API or APK.

Go to the dashboard, Publishing Platform > Your app > iOS/Android to re-generate a new API/APK. The fields are already pre-filled but remember to increment the version and build number before generating your files.


Create New Version for Apple

To submit a new API, you must upload it using Application Transporter and create a new version on App Store Connect.

Upload to Application Transporter

  1. Open Application Transporter (instead of Application Loader, this is the MacOS software that allows you to upload your IPA files to App Store Connect)
  2. Choose Create an app or drag and drop your API file directly.
  3. Once your file has been uploaded into the interface, click Deliver

Create New Version for App Store Connect

  1. Open App Store Connect and select your app
  2. Create a new version by clicking on +VERSION OR PLATFORM below the list and choose iOS.
  3. Enter the version number you specified when generating the new IPA
  4. Fill in the description paragraph: What's new in this version. This is what will appear in the App Store with the announcement of the availability of this new version.
  5. In the Build section, choose the build you have just uploaded via Application Transporter
  6. Finalize the procedure 


Now all you have to do is wait for a validation from Apple and your new version will be officially online!

Create New Version for Google

  1. Go to Google Play Developer Console
  2. Select your app and in the Release Management menu, click on Application Releases.
  3. Click on Create a release, load your APK file, write a text in Release News and click on Verify.

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