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Discover the different ways to update your application.

Updates for an application are divided into two main categories: content updates and code or feature updates. Content updates allow for instant updating of the displayed content within the application, while code updates require generating and exporting a new binary file (for mobile or desktop apps).

Understanding the concept

Content updates are managed instantly through PandaSuite: the application connects to a remote server to obtain the data and content to display. When a content update is available, the server sends the new data to the application, which retrieves and immediately displays it to the user (via an internet connection). This can include updates to text, images, videos, or other multimedia elements present in the application.
On the other hand, code or feature updates require modifying the application's source code. These updates can include adding new features, fixing bugs, improving performance, or any other modification that requires changing the application's logic. To benefit from these updates, it is necessary to export a new binary file of the application.

Updating the content

To update the project:

  • Make your modifications in PandaSuite Studio and save the project.
  • Go to your dashboard: Apps > Your app > Content.
  • The status {x} update indicates that modifications have been made to your project.
  • Click the Move to production button and validate the production release.

The update is instantly deployed. If the application is already installed on a device, the following update banner appears as soon as the device is connected to the internet:

If you have created a new project for these updates, here's how to replace the project:

  • Click the Add/Remove project button.
  • Remove the old project from the list and add the new one.
  • Click the Move to production button and validate the production release.

Exporting a new binary file

If you want a code update, it is necessary to export a new binary file for your application. This applies to mobile/tablet applications (IPA, APK) and desktop applications (EXE, DMG).

After updating the content, go to the iOS/

Android or Windows/Mac tab and export a new file. The fields are already pre-filled, but make sure to increment the version and build number before generating your files.

If your application is published on the App Store and Play Store, you need to submit and publish a new version of your application:

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