Connect to an analytics tool

Analytics help you understand the behavior of your users and evaluate your app's performance. Connecting your app to an external analytics tool will give you all the resources to analyze data and get key learnings.

You can connect your application to Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics and Mixpanel. If you have specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us.

Here are the steps to link your application to these tools.

Get Your Tracking ID 

Google Analytics

Go to Google Analytics, login and select one of your accounts. Then, click on Admin in the navigation bar.

Create a new property: you can create this property inside an existing account but you cannot re-use the same property as your website.

Click on + Create analytics 1

Choose Website even if it's a mobile app. If you don't know your Website URL, please contact us.

If you have a mobile/tablet app, click on + Create View.


Select Mobile App and choose the name.

Get Your Tracking ID 

It's displayed as UA-xxxxxxxx-x.

Google suggests you to download the iOS and Android SDKs and integrate them in your application. Good news: you have nothing to do! Everything is already done by PandaSuite.

Firebase Analytics

Please have a look at this tutorial.

Connect to your application

Now you have your Tracking ID or Token, go to the Analytics tab of your application. Select Google Analytics or Mixpanel and copy/paste the Tracking ID/Token in the dedicated field.

Your app is now correctly configured. You can find all your analytics directly from your Google Analytics or Mixpanel interface.

 Note: tracking is applied to all platforms. In the Google Analytics or Mixpanel interface, you can segment your data.
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