Move to production

When you publish your project, the first step is to include the project inside. This is what is called "move to production".

When you activate a Publishing plan (Web, Single, Multi, Full), an application is automatically created, but it is empty. To add a project, go to your dashboard, in the Apps section.

💡 To better understand the principle, imagine that the application is a kind of shell whose project is the content. When there is only one project, the two form only one. If there are several projects, your application becomes a content hub and a listing appears.

Move your project to production 

  • Go to the Content Management tab

  • Click on the Add / Delete projects button
  • Select a project from the list and validate your action.

  • Your project appears in the interface and a blue button indicates that an update is available. Click on it to put the project into production.

This is the same way you will update your application.

💡 Your project has several versions: a development version and a production version. The development version is the one you are working on in PandaSuite Studio. The production version is the one that is published. You can therefore make updates on PandaSuite Studio even after deployment without this being visible to your users.

Then go to the right tab to retrieve or publish the format you are interested in:

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