Export IPA file

Export your application's IPA file for iOS devices

The IPA file is a package containing the files of your application in iOS format. It is through this file that you can install an application on your iOS device. You can export your application's IPA file from your dashboard. 

If you want to publish your app on the App Store, ad hoc, or through in-house distribution, you need the IPA file. To sign the IPA (a necessary step), you need an Apple Developer account.

ⓘ  The IPA export is only available for Single, Multi, or Full plans.

Export the IPA file

Go to your dashboard, in the Apps section. 

Go to the Mobile (iOS / Android) tab and click on Export IPA

Fill out the form with the following information: 

  • Icon: upload an image in 1024 x 1024 px format
  • Name: this name will be displayed below the icon on iOS devices
  • Device Compatibility: choose between Mobile and/or Tablet
  • Version Number and Build: we recommend using 1.0.0 and 1 for the first version of your application. These numbers need to be provided during the submission process on App Store Connect. 
  • Asset Management (Offline): by enabling this option, your app will be 100% offline. For updates, you will need to export your app again and reinstall it on devices.
  • Loading Screen: this screen automatically appears every time the application is opened. You have the choice to:
    • import an icon and automatically generate loading screens in the correct format
    • import your visuals to use as loading screens
  • Primary / Secondary Color: these colors will be used for the loader above the loading screen.
  • iOS Distribution Mode: choose the deployment mode for your iOS app    

  • Advanced options: if you are exporting a content hub, you can choose the logo that appears on the navigation bar.
  • Click the Validate button.

    The generation of the IPA file may take a few hours. You will receive an email notification when it is available, and you can find it in the  Mobile (iOS / Android) tab of your dashboard. 

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