Pro Account

Discover all the advantages of the Pro Account to increase daily productivity and create better apps.

Why choose the Pro Account

  • Work with your colleagues and transfer your projects to other PandaSuite accounts. 
  • Manage many projects at the same time and view them all on PandaSuite Viewer thanks to the Unlimited number of projects.
  • Get a sneak preview of PandaSuite latest functionalities thanks to the Private Beta Access

Features of the Pro Account

  • Unlimited number of projects: create as many projects as you want.
  • View on mobile and tablet thanks to the PandaSuite Viewer app for iOS & Android.
  • Sharing links: send a link to your project. It can be consulted from any device, via a browser or the PandaSuite Viewer application.
  • Priority support: your messages are treated in priority compared to other users. Individual sessions are available for you. 
  • Adding custom fonts
  • Copy & Paste between projects, Duplication Transfer

Price of the Pro Account 

The Pro account is 29€/month or 290€/year per user. 

You can cancel whenever you want. The Pro account is independent of the Publishing plans.

👉  Get a Pro account now

🐼 Pro account or publishing plan? 

The Pro account is related to the design, integration and management of your projects. It allows you to access all the features of PandaSuite Studio and makes you save time every day. If you want to export your application in white label, you must choose one of the publishing plans (Web, Single, Multi or Full).

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