The Pro Account

Discover all the advantages of the Pro Account to increase daily productivity and create better apps.

Why choose the Pro Account

  • Work with your colleagues and transfer your projects to other PandaSuite accounts. 
  • Manage many projects at the same time and view them all on PandaSuite Viewer thanks to the Unlimited number of projects.
  • Get a sneak preview of PandaSuite latest functionalities thanks to the Private Beta Access
  • Access all the components of PandaSuite Studio, including the Premium Components (Authentication, Download).

Features of the Pro Account

  • Unlimited number of projects: create as many projects as you want.
  • View on mobile and tablet thanks to the PandaSuite Viewer app for iOS & Android.
  • Sharing links: send a link to your project. It can be consulted from any device, via a browser or the PandaSuite Viewer application.
  • Priority support: your messages are treated in priority compared to other users. Individual sessions are available for you. 
  • Premium components (Authentication, Download)
  • Adding custom fonts
  • Copy & Paste between projects, Duplication Transfer
  • Access the private beta (Dynamic Data, Collection..)

Price of the Pro Account 

The Pro account is 29€/month or 290€/year per user. 

You can cancel whenever you want. The Pro account is independent of the Publishing plans.

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