Text Editor

Add a text editor into your application so that users can take notes directly in your application even offline and find them even after the application has closed. 

Insert text editor

Text editor is a custom component from the community. 

  1. Download the text editor from this link: rich-text-editor.zip
  2. Click Components and insert a Web component. Place it where you want to display text field
  3. Add the .zip file in the Properties window.
  4. Double-click on the grey area to preview text editor.
  5. That's all! 


Users can add text directly from your application using keyboard. Text is saved using local storage on the user's device even if the application is closed.

Delete text

If you want the user deletes text, you must create a button.

  1. Design or add button
  2. Select button, click on Interactivity and create new action
  3. Choose the trigger and the action Interact with a component
  4. Select Web component 
  5. Select the action Clear

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