Text Editor

The Text Editor allows your users to take notes effectively and interactively directly within your application. 

This feature is ideal for e-learning applications, personal journals, or any application requiring text recording. Notes are saved locally and remain available even offline, ensuring continuous access without needing an internet connection.

Insert the Text Editor

To integrate the text editor into your project:

  1. Go to the Components tab.
  2. Select and insert the Text Editor component.
  3. Drag and drop the component to the desired location on your interface.

Style Options 

The text editor offers a multitude of options to customize the style and appearance of the text, to adapt the interface to the visual identity of your application. To use these options:

  1. Click the Yes button to activate the style toolbar.
  2. Select the elements to display on the toolbar:
    • Header: Choice of size and format for titles.
    • Style: Bold, italic, underline.
    • Block: Quote, code.
    • Media: Adding images or videos.
    • List: Creating bullet or numbered lists.
    • Script: Superscript or subscript.
    • Indentation: Increase or decrease indentation.
    • Direction: Aligning text to the left, right, or center.
    • Color: Selecting text or background color.
    • Font: Choice of font family.
    • Alignment: Aligning text within the block.
    • Undo / History: Options to undo or redo the last changes.

You can also set a Default Text and use data binding to link the content of the editor to a variable or another property in your application.


Here is the list of available triggers from the component:

  • Validated 
  • Targeted

Act on the Text Editor

Select a trigger object, click  Actions and create a new action.

Choose your trigger (for example, on a simple tap) and the action Act on a Component

Select your Text Editor component. Here are the available actions: 

  • Validate
  • Set Text 
  • Set Content
  • Delete Text / Content
  • Target Text.

By integrating the Text Editor into your application, you offer your users a powerful tool for creating and managing textual content. Thanks to its extensive customization and interactive options, you can create a user experience that is enriching and tailored to your specific needs.

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