Each text is inside a text block. You can customize the style, add a custom font or automatically resize your text. 

To add a text block, click on the Text icon in the top menu. A block of text appears. 
Change the size and position.
To edit its content, double-click on the block or click on Edit in the Properties window (the purple color indicates edit mode). Type your text or copy and paste from an existing source.


Select the text to change its properties.

Click on the banner to exit.

Text Properties

Select the text block and open the Properties window.

  • Edit: change the content of your block.
  • User Interaction: if you uncheck this option, users can't trigger an interaction defined on this text.
  • Font: select your font and its style
  • Size, Line Spacing & Color: define your text size, line spacing and color
  • Alignment & Adjustment: Arrange your body text to the left of the block, in the middle or to the right. This is where you justify your text.
  • Underline, Shift & Exponent: to define specific configurations of your text

Add a custom font

PandaSuite integrates Google Font, more than 700 free fonts.

You can add your own fonts in your interface. This operation requires a manual action from the PandaSuite team.

Click + Add from the list of fonts. Please send them to us in .otf or .ttf format.

😎   Adding Custom Font is a feature of the Pro Account.



Flow mode automatically resizes the height of your text according to the screen used. The text is then distributed accordingly. You can choose the minimum and maximum size of the resizing, the size 1.0 being the initial size.


Trigger an action from the text

You can trigger an action from the text, as with any object.

Select the block and open the Interactivity window. Click + ADD ACTION to choose a trigger .

Tip: If your block is too small, we recommend using an Interactive Zone above your text.

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