Master text formatting with PandaSuite: styling options, adding dynamic content, and automatic resizing.

Add a text block

To add a text block:

  • Click on the Text icon located in the top menu bar.
  • A new text block will appear on your workspace. Double-click on it to edit its content.
  • You can enter your text manually or copy-paste it from another source.

Text properties

A PandaSuite text block offers several styling options, detailed below:

  • Typography: PandaSuite gives you access to over 700 free Google Fonts. You can also add your own fonts.
  • Decoration: Text decoration options include: Underline, Uppercase, and Superscript.
  • Alignment: Choose from the following alignment options: Left, Center, Right, or Justified.
  • Line Spacing: Determine the spacing between the lines of your text for optimized reading.
  • Content: click on the Edit button to enter the text block. The Adjust Content button allows you to adapt the text area to the content inside.
  • Automatic Size: your text can be automatically resized to fit the screen size used. You can set the minimum and maximum resizing size, where 1.0 corresponds to the initial size. To activate this feature, we recommend choosing 0.1 as the minimum size and 10 as the maximum size.

Dynamic content

You can add dynamic content through data binding.

To add dynamic content, click on the label  Content and choose the source:

  • From a component: display data from a component
  • Random Number: insert a random number
  • Current Date & Time (Timestamp): display the date & time in universal timestamp format

💡 If you wish to connect to an external database, we recommend using Airtable. Learn how to do it with the HTTP component: Connect to Airtable

You can also add dynamic content within the block by clicking on the Insert Data button.

Trigger an action from text 

You can trigger an action from a text block, just like with any object. 

To trigger an action from the text: 

  • Select the text block
  • Go to Actions and click on the + button
  • Choose a trigger and the object of your action.

💡 If your text block is too small, we recommend placing an interactive zone above your text and creating the action on this object.

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