Interactive Zone

You might sometimes want to create an interactive zone that is distinct from your state's elements - probably because you suspect your users may be a bit clumsy when interacting with your app, and so you want to define a clickable area that's bigger than the one they actually see… :)

To do that, simply click on Components and insert an Interactive Zone. All you need to do is adjust the size and position of the zone using the toolbar or mouse.


If you uncheck the option User interaction, your users won’t be able to automatically activate an interactive action you would have created with this zone.

To create an interactivity, select this zone and define a trigger then an action by clicking on Interactivities (see the article Learn about triggers).

Where should you place your interactive zone? 

You may be wondering where to place your interactive zone in relation to other elements. Good news: no matter where it’s positioned, your interactive zone will supersede all other elements that haven't been assigned a trigger. If one of the elements has a trigger, it will remain active within its scope, but your interactive zone will be accessible everywhere else.

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