Pop-up (Modal)

A pop-up is a window that appears above the current screen, it usually contains contextual information. Customize the content of the pop-up and the actions to open/close the pop-up. 

You can add a pop-up for a registration form, welcome message, error message, menu...

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Create the pop-up

Click on Components and insert the Pop-up. Double click on the component to add the content of your pop-up.

Insert any type of object: text, image, components etc.

You can choose the color of the Background and the transparency level. 

You can create multiple states to animate your pop-up content.

💡 The pop-up is automatically full screen. If you only want to display content on part of the screen, create a popover with the Multi-state component.

Open pop-up

By default, your pop-up opens automatically when you click on the transparent area: an action is automatically added. You can place it above your trigger, for example a button.

To open the pop-up differently, choose a trigger and the action Interact with a component > Pop-up > Open pop-up.

Close pop-up

By default, your pop-up closes automatically on click: an action is automatically added. 

To close the pop-up otherwise, choose a trigger and the action  Interact with a component  > Pop-up Close pop-up.

💡To improve the user experience, we recommend that you provide a cross in the top right corner that signals the closing of the pop-up to the user.

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