iOS Provisioning Profile

Using your iOS certificate and your Bundle ID for your application, generate your provisioning profile.

💡 These steps evolve regularly and the tutorial below may not be up to date. If needed, here is the official documentation from Apple to create a provisioning profile: Create a provisioning profile

  • Go to the Account section of your Apple Developer account.
  • In the Certificates, IDs & Profiles section, click on Profiles.

  • Click on the + button at the top right to add a new profile.

  • Choose your distribution mode from the list. For App Store distribution, select App Store under the Distribution category.

  • Select the corresponding App ID from the list

  • Next, select your certificate

  • Download the generated configuration profile (*.mobileprovision) and save it on your computer.

Once this file is ready, you can upload it to your personal space to generate the IPA.

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