Sharing link

Simply share your project with your colleagues, clients, and partners. This link allows you to view the project from any device and any browser. You can also enable native app formatting via PandaSuite Viewer.

Unlike a web app published on PandaSuite servers, the shared link includes PandaSuite branding (logo + URL). 

Retrieve the sharing link

Each project has a unique sharing link. 

To obtain this link, open the project in the studio and click on Share. Or select this project in your dashboard and go to the Share tab. 

Choose the format of your sharing link:

  • Web version: your project will automatically display via a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) on all devices.
  • iOS & Android version: your project will open through the PandaSuite Viewer app on iOS and Android mobile and tablet if it is installed on the device. This is especially useful for testing iOS and Android mobile app projects. By default, your project can be viewed from a browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.). 

💡 Attention: it is not possible to share an archived project

Send the sharing link

You have multiple ways to distribute your sharing link: copy and paste this link, send it by email or SMS, scan the QR code, or embed it on a web page. 

By email / SMS

Enter the email address of your recipient or their phone number. Here is the message your recipient will receive if you send it by email:


Copy and paste the embed code into your website from our pop-up.

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