Sequence of images

Insert a GIF, a sequence or an animated image in the interface with the Image Sequence component. With this component, you can also automatically convert any video sequence into an animated image (GIF).  

An animated GIF is a very common image format on the Internet that corresponds to a set of fixed images (frames) that are linked together and animated like a small video.  
Via After Effects, it is possible to export your animation as a sequence of images. Beware of the weight of this type of animation! We recommend you to use the JSON export via Bodymovin to optimize the weight of your After Effects animations. 

Insert a GIF / image sequence / animated image

To import your GIF into PandaSuite Studio, click on the Files icon and on the Import your files button. 
In Components, insert an Image Sequenc e component. 

In the properties, click on the Select button next to Source

💡 Your sequence must be less than 250 images (which is about a 10 second sequence).

💡 It is not possible to directly import your GIF file from the Media to your screen: it is necessary to insert an Image Sequence component beforehand.

Here are the properties of the Image Sequences component: 

  • Quality: Optimized or Best, these options affect the quality of the images and therefore the size of your sequence.
  • Autoplay: By default, your sequence is automatically animated. You can deactivate the autoplay and add a manual action to trigger the animation of your GIF instead. 
  • Duration: the duration of your sequence, i.e. the time between the display of the first and last image. 
  • Repeat: the number of repetitions of your animation. Select -1 for an infinite repetition.
  • Default: choose a default frame (the one that will be automatically displayed on your screen). You must have created markers beforehand. 

Edit GIF / image sequence / animated image

To edit your GIF, double-click it to enter the edit mode. 
Use the player controls at the top left to start and stop playing your GIF. 
You can add markers to your GIF/animated image, i.e. mark specific frames in your sequence to which you can associate actions (trigger an action, play, pause). 
To create a marker, start playing your GIF/animated image and stop on the frame of your choice. Click on the + button. You can edit the frame, rename the marker, delete the marker or set it as default marker. 

Interact with your GIF / image sequence / animated image

You can use your GIF / animated sequence / image to trigger an action. Select your component and click on Actions. 
Choose from the following triggers: 
  • Start playing
  • Pause playing
  • Stop playing
  • End playing

You can also add an action to your GIF / animated image. Choose a trigger and the action Act on a component. Select one of the following actions: 
  • Play / Pause
  • Play 
  • Pause
  • Stop 
  • Forward 
  • Rewind
  • Change frame
  • Go to next frame
  • Go to previous frame

Convert a video into an image sequence

To convert a video to an image sequence, select a video file as the source of your component and the conversion will be done automatically.

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