Sequence of images

Want to add a stop-motion effect to your videos and allow your users to stay in control?

The Sequence component helps you produce a series of fixed image files inside a single object.

To create a sequence, go under Components and click on Sequence. Go then to Medias, click on + ADD and import all the image files you want at the same time. Your sequence is now ready: you simply need to drag it into the component zone. Or drag a video in your component: it will be automatically converted into a sequence.

Be careful: you cannot import more than 250 images per sequence (which represents a 10-second sequence).

The Properties window gives you access to different options:

  • Edit sequence: to add some frames, i.e. define specific frames in your sequence to which you can tie specific actions (according to the principle of markers, see the article Learn about markers(also available by double-clicking on the component).

  • User interaction: this option allows your user to enjoy all the features of this component (here, starting the sequence). By default, this option is always checked. If you uncheck this option, your users won’t be able to automatically launch it.

  • Change source (the second blue button): allows you to replace your sequence with another one while retaining the properties you previously defined in your project. This is especially useful when you duplicate a layout.

  • Options: define the duration, the repetition and the play mode of your sequence.

  • Default frame: to select the frame displayed when loading the state (based on the predefined markers). If you don’t define anything and return to this state, it will show the frame that was last displayed.

De-construct, re-construct, the sequence offers you fabulous and creative ways to immerse your user!

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