HD Image

The HD Image component iserving high resolution images depending on display. User can zoom in and out. 

As Google Maps, your image is automatically reworked to offer you the best image in very good quality at each zoom level. 

Insert HD Image

Insert this component from the Components icon. 

In the properties, click on  Source to insert an image.

💡 This component requires using a very high resolution (HD) image. With low quality images, it is not possible to zoom.

Creating markers

Double click on the image to navigate the HD image and create markers. Use the mouse and cursor to move through the image to the desired area and then click the + button. 

You can choose a default marker, which is the zone that appears when the screen loads. 

When you create markers, you can then use them as triggers (trigger an action when the user zooms to that level) and as an action (display that zoom level).

Create an action to zoom in

Create a marker at the desired zoom position. 

Select the trigger and add the action:  Interact with a component > HD Image > Change zone > {marker}

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