Partial Download

By default, your application is fully downloaded. If your application is too large or you want to insert paid content (in-app), you can insert downloadable content after user action. This is the Download component.

⚠️ Only for iOS & Android apps: These features are only available for native apps.

Define Downloads 

Go to the left menu in  Download Management to define the number of downloads within your application. Click the Add button.

add dowload

These download packages are empty. Now you need to add some content: a video, a chapter, a theme, a level of play ...

Add a download

Do you want to download a screen after user action? In the  Properties window of this screen, select the download package for that content.

download properties

It won't be initially visible in your application, you must associate a download action.

Create download action 

Once your download package is set, change screen and insert a  Download component: it's a system component, nothing will appear on your screen. Open the Properties window and add the downloadable content.

download properties

Then choose a trigger for the download: a button or a purchase action (see the In-app purchase component). In the Interactivity window, choose Interact on a component and select the Download component. You have access to the following actions:

  • Start download
  • Cancel download
  • Delete Files

download properties


Associate actions to download

Set up information messages related to your download action. Click on your  Download component and open the Interactivity window. You have access to the following triggers:

  • Not downloaded
  • Downloaded
  • Download complete
  • Download in progress
  • Download error

associate actions to download

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