Before After Image Slider

Discover how to build a Before/After comparison slider between two images.

Insert the Before/After Slider component from the list of components. In the properties, choose the left and right images. Make sure they are the same size.

To view the before/after image, you must go inside the component. Double-click on the component area. 

Here are the properties of the Before/After Slider component: 
  • Vertical: choose if your cursor is placed vertically or horizontally
  • Line color: choose the color of your line 
  • Line width: choose the width of the line. 
  • Handle: display or not the handle of the cursor
You can add one or more markers to trigger actions and go to a location. It is also possible to synchronize this before/after image with another component.

šŸ’” If you don't want to display the cursor, remove the handle and set the line width to 0.

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