Create a new layout

By default, your project is created with a single layout. If you activate the responsive, it will adapt automatically to every screen but you won't be able to change content or orientation between devices. 

If you want to adapt to the constraints of another type of device (for example orientation), you need a new layout. For example, if your application was created for tablets (landscape mode) and you want to offer a portrait version for smartphones. 

The management of layouts is also called an adaptive design.

Source : Jellyfish

Here is an example of an application made with PandaSuite that is built using 2 layouts. Louvrissime was first created for tablets before being declined for smartphones. 

The Louvrissime application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

🪄 It's magic: when broadcasting, the project automatically displays the right layout according to the type of screen on which it is displayed!;

Create new layout

You must go to your dashboard to create a new layout. 

Go to your dashboard, select your project and go to the Settings tab.

Click + Add layout: you can choose between a blank design or start from an existing design.

When you start from an existing design, you just have to put the objects in the right place. You can also copy and paste your objects from an existing project.

Open a layout

When a project has multiple layouts, you can choose which one you want to display when you open the project.

Click on the arrow to display the submenu.

You can also change the layout when your project is open.


> Click on the top drop-down menu.

Preview another layout using PandaSuite Viewer

You can switch between layouts on PandaSuite Viewer.  Hold your finger on the project icon and choose the layout to be displayed from the menu that appears.

Hold your finger on the project icon to display this menu.

Delete a layout

Go to your dashboard, to the Settings tab. Click on Options and the Delete this layout button.

Be careful, this cannot be undone.

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