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Add a search that scans all the texts in your project (static texts). When clicking on the results, the user is redirected to the correct location.

This is a special case of using the Search component. We strongly recommend consulting the dedicated article before reading this one.

⚡️ TEMPLATE AVAILABLE: Search all texts
Add this template in a few clicks to your account. Modify and customize it freely.

Create the Input Field

Insert the Search component. 

In the Properties, for the Source, choose From the project > All texts.

Double-click the component to enter inside and view the raw data. Click on the fields where the search will be performed, for example, the title.

Displaying the Results

Now, let's prepare the display of the list of results.

Insert a Collection component.

In the Properties of the component, fill in the Source: choose From a component > Search and Search Results.

Inside the component, insert a result template that will be used to display the search results. This template will be duplicated from the query results.

Select the text block that represents an example result. From Content, add the data source Current Item and the data you wish to display

Use the Sort by (ascending order/descending order) and Filter by (a condition) options to customize the display of the collection.

Create a Link to the Screen

To create the link to the screen, select the result template and add an action to Tap/Click 

Change Screen > Go to Screen 

At the Screen level, add a data binding to go to the correct screen. Select Current Item and the data you wish to display 


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