Send an email

Discover two methods for sending emails from your application: via the mailto protocol or through a webhook.
For a simple and easy solution that doesn't require advanced customization, mailto links are an excellent option. However, if you need more control over the email sending process, including advanced customization and integration with other services, webhooks are recommended.

Sending emails via the mailto protocol

This method is easy to set up and doesn't require backend programming knowledge.
Special links using the mailto protocol allow users to send emails directly from your application. When clicked, these links open the user's default messaging application with a pre-filled new message.

Sending emails via a webhook

Using a webhook provides a more advanced and flexible method for sending emails from your PandaSuite application. A webhook is a technique that sends real-time data to other apps or services when an event occurs in your application. To use a webhook, you need an automation service like Make or Zapier.
To send an email via a webhook, you need to use an external service capable of processing HTTP requests to send emails, such as SendGrid or Gmail.
In PandaSuite, you configure your application to send an HTTP request to the chosen service with the email details every time a user triggers a specific event.
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