Send an email with Gmail

You can send an email from your app using your Gmail account. When sending this email, you can include data from the app, such as the recipient's email address, an image, data from a form... 

To connect your application to Gmail, it is necessary to use an automation service and service integrations such as Integromat or Zapier. For this tutorial, we chose Integromat which offers a free account.

💡 Alternative: to send an email from the app, you can also more simply open the default email and set a pre-built email: Open default email

Create custom webhook (Integromat)

The first step is to create a scenario on Integromat: this consists of a trigger and an action. Choose as a trigger a Custom webhook

This one is very simple to make, check out this article to understand the process: Integromat

Configure and start request (PandaSuite)

Now you need to configure the request on the PandaSuite side to send Integromat the data it expects. For example, if you want to re-use the email address entered by the user, you need to send in the request the value of the component Text input. 

Insert a component HTTP. Insert the URL of the webhook in the properties of the component, this URL is provided to you by Integromat.

Choose the method POST to send data. In Content, choose JSON.

To launch the query and include the data of your choice, select a trigger and and create a new action >  Interact with a component > HTTP > Start request.

In the action parameters, choose the content you want to send to Integromat: the text entered by the user, an image etc.. 

Open the Preview and trigger this action once: this is how Integromat can determine the data structure.  

Finalize the scenario (Integromat)

Back on Integromat,in the Webhooks window, a message appears in green under your webhook URL:  Successfully determined. 

Click OK to close this window.

Click  Add another module to add a new module and select Gmail.

From the list of messages, choose  Send an email. In the Body field, enter the body of the text using the fields brought up from your test..

Click   OK to validate your scenario.

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