Data types

Discover the different types of data and their specificities to perform the desired actions on your database.
The data contained in a database is organized according to a consistent set of principles. Each database has its own schema and different data types. 
Although there are several database models, the types are standardized and allow you to define what the database contains, even before describing its elements. For example in a news application, there is a data type Text for the title of the article, a data  of type Image  for the illustration photo etc...   
Defining the type has important consequences on how you can use the data when building your application, or operate on the data. Data of type Text can be truncated, numbers can be multiplied, addresses can be displayed on a map, etc. 

Primary types


The Text data type represents a sequence of characters. These characters can be text characters, special characters, numeric characters or punctuation marks.

"3 room flat in Paris"


The Number data type represents integer and decimal values. 

130 000


The Boolean data type has 2 values: True or False.



The array is a data structure representing a finite sequence of elements that can be accessed efficiently by their position, or index, in the sequence. The index always starts at   0. So the first element is at index  0, the 2nd at index  1, the 3rd at index  2 etc.

["Rosa Bonheur", "Cité des sciences", "Musée du Quai Branly"]

Key / Value

The key-value is an array containing a collection of key-value pairs. The keys can be used to get the corresponding values. The keys must be unique. 

{ "Address": "44 rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris" }


The collection is an array of objects that are referred to as elements. When you create a collection, you choose the structure for each of its elements. For example, if you are creating a collection of real estate, you will probably need a name, a picture of an address, an area, a price, a description and the number of rooms. You can create a field for each type of content - most will be fields of type Text, except for the photo which will be of type Image

Panda enriched types


This data type specifies a color from a hexadecimal code.


The Image data type is a text string formatted as a URL that directs to an image in .jpeg, .png, .svg, .gif or any other common web image format.


Date in format 20/11/2020 10:21:05


Link to a screen of the application


Audio file (MP3..)


Video file


Sequence of images (GIF..)

HD image

Component HD image that integrates image as a source


ZIP file


Link to items in the same or a different collection.


Like Reference, you can link to multiple items in the collection of your choice.
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