There is a library of vector shapes in PandaSuite Studio. It is possible to animate these shapes using states. You can also add your own shapes thanks to the SVG import.

Insert a shape

Click on Shapes in the top menu to access all the basic shapes. 
Here are the available shapes: Rectangle, Round, Polygon, Arrow, Bubble, Star. 

You can change the color, add a gradient, a radius, a border or add a shadow. 
You can insert your own shapes thanks to the SVG import.

Animate a shape

These shapes are vector formats (SVG). This type of image is defined by shapes (unlike raster images which are defined pixel by pixel). These images can be enlarged without loss of quality. It is also possible to create an animation from these vector shapes.
To animate a shape, it must be placed in a state. 
To find out more: States and transitions

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