Add link to another project

Add a link from an application to directly open another project. This is particularly useful if your application references multiple sub-projects in the form of a kiosk (ebook, magazines, internal library).

Even if the action Open a project is not yet referenced in PandaSuite Studio, it is possible to add a link in your interface to directly open another project/application. This is only possible if you are distributing a web app or a desktop app for Windows/MacOS. If you are distributing in mobile iOS/Android format, you need to integrate the web version of these projects.

Add a link to another project

You must have an active distribution plan Multi or Full to activate the Content Hub feature.

Organize the content

In the Content tab, select the interface project as the default content. Create one or more channels and add the projects you want to open inside them.

Get the right links

In the Web (HTML, Javascript) tab, copy and paste the URL that redirects to each channel.

Add links to the interface

In PandaSuite Studio, select the button and choose the action Open a URL. Add the URL of the channel, and in the case of a MacOS/Windows desktop app, add the application's scheme before this URL. Contact our team to know the scheme of your application.

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