Create your Application on App Store Connect

App Store Connect (previously named iTunes Connect) is THE place where you manage the marketing and distribution of your application.This is where you prepare a description of your application, as it will be shown on the App Store.

 Please note: whereas there are over 1.3 million applications from the App Store, do not neglect the information you provide. We wrote an article in our blog on this subject: Tips for App Store Optimization in 2020.

We recommend that you prepare everything while you wait for your IPA file not to be in a rush!


    1. Go to App Store Connect: connect using your Apple ID.
    2. Go to My Apps section, click on + and choose New app.


      add an app on itunes connect

If it's the first time you're submitting an app to iTunes Connect, specify the Company name that will be displayed on the App Store. If your Apple developer account is private (not corporate), you'll automatically be directed to the next step


 Be careful: : this name will be the same for all the other apps you submit using this account, and, you won't be able to change it once you've saved it, so be sure to enter the right one!


  • Yeahhhh, you need to give many details:

    Name: your DEFINITE app’s name on the App Store

    Primary Language: the one you'll be using to enter your app's details on the App Store

    Bundle ID: select the bundle ID you created when generating the app certificate. DO NOT SELECT Xcode: Wildcard AppID - *.

    SKU Number: a unique ID for your app that you have choose and that will be used only on iTunes Connect to identify your app.

     id card of your app



Your application is now created. Take the time to prepare all those sections.

Screenshots / Version Information

  • Go to the Versions section on your iTunes Connect tab and find the Version Information section.
  • Upload screenshots of your app. They will be used by Apple to illustrate your app description in the App Store. We recommend you upload 5 pictures at a time.

Meta Data / Version information

Type all the information needed to describe your app in the App Store:

  • Description: keep it short and punchy (up to 4,000 characters)
  • Keywords: choose keywords that will help users find your app when browsing the App Store.
  • Support URL: a website where users can find your contact information.

General App Information

​Enter the following app information:

  • App Icon: your app icon with 1024*1024 px
  • Copyright: the owner of the exclusive rights to the app, as visible on the App Store
  • Category (Primary): select the category that best fits your app and where it should be found in the App Store.
  • Rating: based on its content, your app will be given a rating used for parental controls features. Make sure to describe this content accurately – if you try to outsmart the system, Apple may reject your application.

App Review Information & Version Release

In the App Review Information section, please fill in:

  • Contact Information: your full name, email and phone number in case Apple needs to contact you while reviewing your application.
  • Notes (optional): you can add the following text “Please note that this app permits: offline consultation of content / content sharing on social networks / bookmark (some posts chosen by the user are saved on their device, as long as the user keeps the app) / send push notifications to users.”
  • Demo account (optional): this is not a mandatory field.

In the Version Release section, please choose whether you want your application to automatically reach the App Store as soon as Apple approves it, or if you want to take care of that yourself later on.

Save the Versions section

Save all the information you provided in this section, by simply clicking on Save at the top right of your screen.

 Please note: if you haven't completed this section correctly, an error message will show up when you save it. You’ll need to correct this section before going any further.

Release date and pricing

You now have to enter your app's release date and price on the App Store:

  • If you want your app to be released as soon as it's been approved, just leave today’s date. Otherwise, select a date in the future.
  • If you want your app to be available for free on the App Store, select Free in the list. Otherwise, select a price and it will be displayed.

Now, it's time to go on step 7, upload IPA via Transporter 

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