Insert video

There are multiple ways to insert a video in your application: you can either display it in a video player, display it in full screen or integrate it from an external platform (YouTube, Vimeo...). Choose the right component according to what you want to create in terms of use experience.

Video components

Here are the different ways to insert a video: 

  • If you want to display it in a video player (with or without showing player controls), choose the Video Player component. Your video is inserted within your screen.
  • If you want it to launch in full screen without any visible controls, this is the Full Screen Video component.
  • If your video is hosted from an external platform (YouTube, Vimeo...), insert the URL Media Player component into your screen.

Whatever the component, you can associate it with actions, create markers or synchronize it with all other components.


Be aware that if you choose the Video Player or Full Screen Video component, your video will be hosted on PandaSuite's servers. There is no limit in terms of weight. When you import it, it is automatically encoded to obtain an optimized display on the devices, but it can make your application heavier, especially in the case of a native application. 

Here is the list of accepted formats: .MP4; .AVI; .WMV; .MOV; .FLV; .MKV; .MPG; .MPEG.
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