Add Form

Contact form or satisfaction questionary, insert input fields in your project with the Web component.

The easiest way is to create your form with an online tool (Google Forms, Typeform...) and to insert it in your project with a web view. If you know HTML/Javascript, you can create your fields and insert them in a HTMP component.

To stock users' answers the form has to be online.

Use a form tool

With Google Forms, you can create your questions, choose type of answers (short, long, multiple choices...) and check easily answers' data.

  1. Follow the instructions to prepare your questionary. 
  2. Copy the URL and ensure all the sharing settings are activated.
  3. Insert a Web component, choose "Online" type and insert the URL.

 Warning: please notice that these tools are online so the app should be connected to internet to access the forms. You can reveal a message when the device is outline (with the Web component's outline trigger).

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