GPS & Geofencing

Define zones based on GPS coordinates to which you can associate actions when the user enters or exits the zone. This feature is completely offline: your users don't need an Internet connection during their journey.


Create geofences

Insert the GPS component.
Double-click on the shaded area. A Google Maps map will appear: this is only there as a guide for placing your location markers. It will disappear from your screen.
To place a marker, move your map to the desired location using your mouse or use the search field to enter an address. Click + ADD MARKER on the left to place your marker.
Click on the icon to set this marker when user enters or exits zone (only one choice possible). Choose the detection distance of the zone (in meters).
In the component Properties window, you can specify your own Google Maps API key (for a fee), which is required if you want to white-label your application. The key API only works on a domain.

Trigger a position-dependent action

Keep the GPS component selected and open the Interactivity window. Click + ADD.

You have several triggers available:
  • Geolocation error
  • GPS Detection marker [name]


Choose the action of your choice, e.g. open the pop-up of the index corresponding to the zone or an error message.

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