Import assets

Create a unique user interface for your application. Explore the infinite possibilities of PandaSuite without the constraints of development.  

Import your icons, graphical elements and multimedia content into the Media window. 

Drag and drop your objects in your screens or within a component. Customize the user experience from A to Z. 

Supported formats

You can integrate many types of files in your application:

💡 To ensure the best rendering on all devices, we recommend you to prepare your images in @2x especially for HD/Retina resolutions. 

Upload from your computer

To import your files, click on the Media icon and browse your computer to find your file or files. 

During the import process and thanks to cloud technology, each file is automatically optimized for efficient use within your application, which considerably reduces the weight of your application.

💡 When you insert an image into your application, go to the Properties window to check the quality of your image. This indicator alerts you to the quality of your image according to its use. Beyond 50%, your image may be degraded.

There is no automated import option from Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD. You have to re-export your models as images. 

Image bank

PandaSuite has not integrated an image bank. However, there are many sites offering royalty-free resources (icons, UI kits, images, animations...) that you can use for your application. Discover the article on our blog: Best UX/UI Design 2020 Tools & Resources.
By clicking on Shapes, you have access to a vector shape library. You can customize the color and border of these shapes from the Properties window. 

Text and typography

To add text, insert a text block. 
PandaSuite includes more than 700 web fonts from Google Font. If you need a font that is not in this list, you can add a custom font: this is a feature of the Pro account
The text can be automatically adjusted to different screen sizes thanks to the Flow Mode option.

Layout options 

Work on the layout of your application with our layout tools. The grid is activated from the icon at the bottom left of your screen. You can customize it as you wish.

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