Autoplay Blocking in Web Browser

In order to avoid spam, most of the main web browsers (Chrome, Safari etc...) block the autoplay of a video or an audio file. If your audio/video file must be launched automatically and it is a web app, it will be blocked. There are alternatives to get around these constraints. 
Due to the explosion of advertising and autoplay videos, browsers have decided to act and now block these multimedia contents. 
You may be impacted if you create a web app and it contains audio or video content that is automatically triggered without user action: for example on the home screen or automatically when changing page.
In PandaSuite Studio, these constraints are bypassed and you don't notice anything different when you create in PandaSuite Studio and preview via the studio. It's when you share or distribute via a URL that the restrictions will apply. 
If you are creating a native iOS/Android app or a Windows/MacOS desktop app, you are not affected. 
Here are the alternatives to start playing these contents: 
  • Instead of checking the Autoplay option, add a user action to start playing, such as clicking a button.
  • If it is a video, you can simply remove the sound.
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