Dynamic page from collection item

Create a dynamic page from an item in a collection.

Create a detailed page

Create the page to present your item in more details. You can create it wherever you want: on a new screen, in a linked state, in a Pop-up... 

To create the content of the view, we recommend using the Flexbox component. This component automatically adapts its layout according to its content and can display a scroll bar if needed.

Save the ID of the selected item

Most of the collection items contains a unique identifier. It allows us to identify each good plan (each line) uniquely and then to access it easily. To display the right data in the view, we will store this identifier in a variable. 
Go to the PandaSuite database
Create a new Text property. In our example, it has been named: selected_item

Click on Save and Go to Production
Select your list item within your collection and add an action: On Click > Interact with a component > Data Provider > Modify the data

Display data of the selected item

The By Id function allows you to retrieve an element from a given identifier. Use this function and the variable to access the data of the selected element from its unique identifier.
Select the text block and click on the Content data binding. 

Do the same with all the objects in the view.

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