Embed into a website

Embed your project into a website (Wordpress, Squarespace...).
Your project is automatically available in web format. You can integrate it into an existing web page or give access via a button + dedicated URL. You can use the sharing link or the link of the web app. 

With the sharing link, the PandaSuite logo is here. With the web app, you can customize everything including the domain name.
For hosting, your content is hosted by default at PandaSuite but you can export it in ZIP format for self-hosting. 
Embed via the sharing link
In PandaSuite Studio, click on the Share icon and on the icon to the right of the link to display the submenu.

Copy and paste the code into your website editor.

Embed via the link of the web app

If you want to remove the PandaSuite branding, you need to create a new app. To do this, you must have an active Publishing plan
In the Web tab, click on the Go Live button and get your URL.  

You can customize the domain name.
If you want to host on your own servers, you have the possibility to export as a ZIP file.
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