Create an app on Google Play Console

  1. Go on Google Play Console 
  2. Connect with your account you created in step 1
  3. In All applications window, click on CREATE APPLICATION 
  4. Choose its name and language
  5. You are now on the "back-office" of your app

    google play console
  6. Click on App releases on the left-hand menu
  7. Click on MANAGE PRODUCTION then on CREATE RELEASE and finally on OPT-OUT

  8. Click on BROWSE FILES to upload your APK file. Complete the fields on the same page.
  9. Click on Store listing on the left-hand menu

    store listing
    That's on this page you choose the name, descriptions, pictures on preview, category... Do this part with attention 
  10. For Privacy Policy, if you don't have a website, indicate
  11. Click on SAVE DRAFT
  12. Click on Content rating on the left-hand menu 

     content rating
  13. Here is a form, fill the fields.
  14. Once the form completed, click on Pricing & distribution on the left-hand menu.

    pricing and distribution
  15. Here again, fill the fields
  16. Go back on App releases
  17. Select EDIT RELEASE. Click on REVIEW and confirm

You app is now sent to Google. Wait few hours and your app will be published on the store. Congratulations, you did it!  

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