Publish an Android application

Deploy your app to Android devices. The most popular way is to publish to Google Play Store but if your app is only for a limited audience, you can also distribute it outside via sideloading. 

The applications made with PandaSuite are compatible with Android 4.3 and later.

Publish to Google Play Store

Google Play is the largest marketplace for applications. You just need to have a Google Play developer account and submit your application. The standards to approve an app have been strengthened but they remain more flexible than Apple's. 

Your application is accessible to all Play Store users and easily downloadable. Your application must respect Google's guidelines, especially in terms of audience (measures are reinforced to protect younger audiences)

Sideloading: distribute outside the Play Store

Unlike iOS, it is possible to directly install any signed APK file on an Android device. 
The advantage of sideloading is that you can distribute your application more quickly and without going through the Play Store submission process. This is especially useful when your application is aimed at a limited group of users. On the other hand, your users must authorize your application at the time of installation knowing that it does not go through the Google security protocol. 
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