Deploy Android app out of Play Store (unknown source)

This solution allows you to deploy your Android application outside the Play Store. Good news: it is possible to directly install any signed APK file on an Android device. 

Exporting an APK file as an unknown source

Go to the Publishing section of your dashboard.
Create an application or choose an existing one.
Go to the iOS/Android tab and click Export APK file.
Customize the icon, name and loading screen.
In the Distribution Options, choose Outside the Store (source unknown).
Choose your app signature mode and validate.
Wait a few moments and download your APK file.

User opt-in for installing unknown apps

Android protects users from inadvertent download and install of  unknown apps, or apps from sources other than Google Play, which is trusted. Android blocks such installs until the user opts into allowing the installation of apps from other sources. The opt-in process depends on the version of Android running on the user's device:

  • On devices running Android 8.0 and higher, users must navigate to the Install unknown apps system settings screen to enable app installations from a particular location.
  • On devices running Android 7.1.1 and lower, users should enable the Unknown sources system setting, found in Settings > Security on their devices.

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