Publish Android app without Google Play

If you don't want to release your app on a marketplace such as Google Play, you can make it available for direct download to your users (sideloading). Export the APK file of your application and provide users with the download link. Users must opt-in for installing unknown apps.

The advantage of sideloading is that you can distribute your application more quickly and without going through the review process of the Play Store. This is especially useful when your application is intended for a limited group of users. On the other hand, users must opt-in for installing unknown apps from their device which is a little more complex than just downloading the app from the Play Store. 

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Export the APK file (unknown source)

Before exporting the APK file, you must specify in the form that your application will be distributed outside the Play Store.   
To export the APK file, follow these steps: Export APK file
In the Distribution Method field, choose Outside the Play Store (unknown source).
The APK file of your application is available from your dashboard. 

Send the download link to users

The APK file is automatically hosted on PandaSuite servers and a download link is directly created. 

Copy and paste this link and send it to your users. 

💡 Don't hesitate to send clear & precise instructions to your users on how to install apps from unknown sources. Learn more: Install apps from unknown sources

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